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We have been promoting businesses in the State of Texas and The Texas Hill Country since 1997. It has been a WIN - WIN success for us and our clients.
However, times are changing! Businesses are experiencing the up and downs of this economy and things are changing. So we have decided to do our part and offer an extreme Recession Buster.

We Have 10 High Traffic Texas Sites (see list below) that we will place a doorway page in, introducing your business web site. This page will be linked to your web site, this page is editable* by you at anytime, this page will be listed in the directory of all 10 of our high traffic Texas web sites under the category you choose, plus this page will be submitted to over 300,000 search engines, directories, and link pages every 90 days, all within 72 business hours of placing your order for only $499.00 for a full year!

This is an unheard of price by industry standards, but, again, it is a WIN - WIN for you and us. You will receive high volumes of traffic and we will still receive a small profit. This price will stay in affect for 3 years as long as you renew annually and don't break service. However, there is no long term contract and you can discontinue after the first year service.

This page can be used for announcements, store hours, special prices, event dates, or anything you want. You can also link this page from your site, which makes it part of your site that is editable by you at any time. This is great for weekend specials etc., that you can change in a moments notice.

(The cost of this offer is less than $50. per year, per site)!

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ask our clients what they think!

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Terms of Payment

Our terms of payment are very simple! All advertising will be billed to your credit card through our Secure Processor PayPal on a reoccurring basis. This means that when your term of service is ending, your credit card will be billed the same amount as the previous year of service. You can cancel the reoccurring billing at any time! We have no long term commitments. The reason that we bill in this manner, is because of our extremely low advertising prices. We are in business to make money too, and with our very close profit margin we do not maintain a billing department. For anyone that would prefer an annual invoice by mail, we will be glad to accommodate them. However there will be a $20 invoicing fee for all manual invoices / billing.

Thank you for your business!
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Texas Hill Country
The Texas Hill Country Mall
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Advertise Now In All 10 of Our
High Traffic Texas Web Sites
For Only $499. Per YEAR!

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Texas Hill Country
Bring Tons of Visitors To Your Web Site!

In Our 10 High Traffic Texas Sites

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