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At the bottom of your page is another
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In your login box, type your "username"
and "password" exactly like it is in the email
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Click Login


This will appear at the top of your screen. It is just like a word
processor. You can bold, color, change size, etc.


Only text can be edited. No photos are allowed. Icons and characters are okay.

Click any where in your editable section and be creative.
Remember to "Publish Page" before you Log Out if you want your changes
to be saved.
Hint: You may need to click your "Refresh" button on your
browser to see the new changes you have made after publishing your page.

This page can be used for announcements, store hours, special prices, event dates, or anything you want.
You can also link this page from your site, which makes it part of your site that is editable by you at any time.
This is great for weekend specials etc., that you can change in a minutes notice.

If you would like to practice on our practice page click here.


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