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The American Classics

From 1895 to 1909 Frederic Remington
sculpted 22 different subjects.
1895 The Broncho Buster
1896 The Wounded Bunkie
1898 The Wicked Pony
1898 The Scalp
1900 The Norther
1901 The Cheyenne
1901 The Buffalo Signal
1902 Coming Through the Rye
1903 The Mountain Man
1904 Polo
1904 The Sergeant
1905 The Rattlesnake
1905 Dragoons 1850
1906 The Outlaw
1906 Paleolithic Man
1907 The Horse Thief
1907 The Buffalo Horse
1908 The Cowboy
1908 The Savage
1909 Trooper of the Plains 1868
1909 The Broncho Buster (large)
1909 The Stampede

Frederic Remington Sculptures

Headquartered in Bergheim, Texas
                      Corporate Specialist

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Frederic Remington Sculptures Frederic Remington Sculptures Frederic Remington Sculptures

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